The amazing reason why you don't sleep well

For decades I did not sleep well. I never liked to sleep long. I always was more likely to suffer migraine attacks during my sleep rather than while awake.

I would wake up in the morning and know within 5 seconds whether I had an attack or not. I had a phase in my early 20s when I would wake up with migraine 5 mornings a week. Of course always including Sunday.

I have only recently discovered what was causing my migraines.

Protein overload.

I haven't had a single headache since I reduced dietary protein.

And I noticed something else.

I sleep much better. And longer. And when retiring to bed, I fall asleep much more easily.

No sleepless nights. Just good, refreshing sleep. And enough of it.

I feel great.

And I attribute my better sleep architecture to watching, and limiting, the amount of protein I eat.

There is a link between migraine and sleeplessness.

Migraines are caused by nerve cell excitation from more or less toxic by-products of protein digestion.

And the observation of my own sensitive body leads me to postulate that the same neuronal excitation that is responsible for the migraine attacks in me and other people also causes sleeplessness in others who may not suffer of migraine.

This is a new theory in metabolism. At the time I am formulating this hypothesis, it has not been proofed by clinical research.

I postulate my hypothesis but I am not an apostle who substitutes blind belief for solid proof.

Therefore I am calling on sleep researchers to please consider my hypothesis and make it the subject of controlled studies.

For the meantime people suffering from chronic difficulties to sleep well may want to give my idea a try, and reduce protein intake to about 50 gram a day.

This does not mean a vegetarian diet. I am not a vegetarian myself.

Animal fat has no protein, and I love butter.

On the other hand, many vegetables, not just soy, are rich sources of protein, especially green ones. Broccoli and spinach have a dry mass that is 50 percent protein.

You can always check the amount of protein in your food by going to the nutrients database of the US Department of Agriculture.

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